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Charter Schools: Myths v. Facts

The National Alliance for Public Charters works hard to dispel myths about charter schools in their Truth About Charters series.

“Over the past five years, the charter school movement has grown dramatically. Today, nearly 3 million students attend more than 6,800 charter schools in the United States. Despite this growth, parent demand for quality school options is still unmet, with more than one million student names on charter school waiting lists.

Charter schools have bipartisan support among many policymakers and the general public, but they also have some vocal critics who perpetuate a number of myths about charter schools. Through our Truth About Charters series, we have highlighted some of these myths and provided responses based on facts and independent research findings.”

Currently, there are 24 active open-enrollment charters in the state of Arkansas. With thousands of students attending a wide variety of public charter schools in Northwest Arkansas, our area is leading the way in embracing choice. Here are some of our favorite myths v. facts about charter schools.







To learn more about which public charter schools are available in your county, download the 2017 NWA School Directory.

Heather Holaway

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